Xinxin Zhang

ZHANG_XINXIN_3Xinxin Zhang, a Shanghai-based traveling fashion designer and photographer, will graduate from Gallatin in May 2017 with the concentration Looks and Social Power, in which she explores art history, fashion, and literature. She wants to use fashion photography as a medium to explore a person’s interiority in relation to exterior cinematic settings. She’s currently working with digital cameras.

Private Views
In “Private Views” I want to explore the idea of “the other”—the intruder—in fashion and cinematic settings. This sense of otherness and strangeness come from the encounter of my camera, my friend’s realistic personas, and the stylized/objectified models they become during the photo sessions. I also want to depict the idea of youthfulness and female desires—when girls are simply enjoying the moment, truthfully. I also want to explore the ambiguity between private and public; these photos depict intimate female worlds but some of them are taken in public places such as a painting room in NYU’s Barney Building, hotel corridors, and the Summer Palace in Beijing.