Sophia Cannata-Bowman

CANNATA-BOWMAN_SOPHIA_2Sophia Cannata-Bowman is a senior at Gallatin studying Integrative Theatre, Film, and Dramaturgy. Her last play, Babel, was produced on Gallatin’s main stage in 2016. Other recent playwriting credits include Lost at the Crepuscule (Brandspankin’, 2014), The Assignment (Brandspankin’, 2013), and Story by Leonard Watts (Berkeley Repertory Theatre, 2013). Sophia works interchangeably between theatre and film as a writer, director, dramaturg, and producer. Her ongoing work focuses on historical events that illuminate the current socio-political moment. For Sophia, storytelling is not only a form of entertainment but a social necessity that relies on empathy as a tool for connection and change. 

Flight Patterns
Flight Patterns, a full-length play presented in a reading, explores the challenges of assuming Womanhood in a patriarchal society. Based on the playwright’s personal experience and family history, the play follows the journey of a young woman as she pieces together her grandmother’s story in an attempt to make sense of her own. As she mines through a collection of letters and memorabilia, she becomes immersed in her grandmother’s life before and during America’s entry into World War II, when everything changed. This is a play about the consequences of choice-making when the choices are few. It is about how those choices are inherited from one generation of women to the next, each defined and redefined by historical phenomena. Above all things, however, it is a love letter to women everywhere and of every kind.