Sofia Szamosi

SZAMOZI_SOFIA_1Sofia Szamosi is a senior at Gallatin studying art and epistemology. In her multimedia practice, she explores and exposes parts of herself and her world that normally remain hidden—secrets, traumas, and inner yearnings—and, in so doing, transmutes their powers. Her conviction is that none of us are as alone as we may feel. She is currently writing and illustrating a collection of picture books and has shown in group and solo exhibits at Open Source Gallery, Superchief Gallery, Proto Gallery in New York, and the Center Galleries in Detroit.

In “Worms!” I collaborate with artist Xavier Schipani to explore variations of ritual and
performance attached to food, sex, gender, and identity. Gender and identity, like spaghetti, are not fixed things. Bodies themselves are not as fixed as we would like to think. While my work is always personal and about my private experience, it is
also always political. By diving inward and investigating the inner caves and crannies, I see
how my inner “can of worms” is always constantly in communication with the world’s worms. Whether I am awake to it or not, my worms are always being performed and created by me, my family, my environment and my society. Directly and indirectly, the public and private are always connected.