Sharon Attia

ATTIA_SHARON_2Sharon Attia is a senior at Gallatin concentrating in the intersections of photojournalism and gender and sexuality studies. Her concentration focuses on photography as a globally utilized tool to both reveal the truths surrounding the injustices perpetrated against women, as well as a means of highlighting female achievements. She believes that a collaborative female gaze—women behind and in front of the lens—can produce a different, more nuanced and inclusive visual narrative for women. She is interested in collaborative projects in which both parties have agency in the production of female representation. Sharon was born and raised in LA and spends her free time in search of really good tacos.

Punching Out the Patriarchy
Studies have shown that women are more collaborative than men. This project explores the ways in which collaborative culture can empower women in male-dominated spaces, specifically women in boxing. This project features both SheFights, a non-profit that teaches boxing to teenage girls of color, as well as female boxers who train and fight professionally and otherwise in NYC.

My colloquium, titled “The Girl Gaze Project: Subverting Patriarchal Structures through Photos of and by Women,” was inspired by the #girlgaze movement on social media–a project designed to showcase the work of young female photographers. Representations of women and girls are shaped by a system that has fostered a visual narrative that both excludes and stereotypes. My work aims to offer more inclusive and diverse representations of the female experience.