Samantha Asher

ASHER_SAMANTHA_1Samantha Asher is a Gallatin senior and will be graduating this May. Her concentration has focused on human displacement from nature and what it means to be part of the natural world. She has explored this through studies of food, climate change, climate justice, urbanization, and environmental philosophy. She is very passionate about the planet and all of its inhabitants. Photography permanently captures every explicit detail of nature in a way that freezes a given moment in time. She has always found photography to be an intriguing medium that experiments both with the philosophical idea of redundant replication and the concept of preserving uniqueness. In the face of climate change, photos symbolically preserve ever-changing natural environments.

Dakar: A Western City on a Warming Planet
These photos were taken in Dakar, Senegal, during a travel course on postcolonial urban development. As a sub-Saharan African country, Senegal faces threats of drought and climbing temperatures in the face of climate change. The peninsula of Dakar is vulnerable to sea-level rise and rapid urbanization puts a large portion of the city’s inhabitants at risk. As the westernmost point on the African continent, Dakar literally faces the setting sun, yet faces a number of unpredictable forthcomings as well. Nevertheless, this does not mean that the city receives the same treatment or experiences the same conditions as do cities in the Western world. These photographs are meant to highlight the beauty and uniqueness of a country whose fate is in the hands of Western polluters.