Salomé Egas

EGAS_SALOME_3Salomé Egas is an Ecuadorian actor, dancer, activist, translator, and arts educator. She attended Pearson College UWC, obtained her Bachelor’s degree from Skidmore College in 2014 with honors in Dance and Theater, and attended the “Shakespeare Programme” at the BADA, London. Salomé is a second year MA candidate at NYU Gallatin studying International Education and Performing Arts. Her works aim to combine her passion for the performing arts and social justice with the goal of helping international communities to heal from the pain and traumas created by immigration and uprootedness through applied dance and theater. She currently works at NYU Office of Global Services, where she provides guidance to many incoming international students and at the International High School in Queens as a theater teaching assistant with Judith Sloan.

Listen to Me
“Listen to Me” is a theatrical collaboration, supervised by EarSay Youth Voices, between NYU Gallatin students and immigrant students from the International High School at LaGuardia Community College. This piece was developed through (IHS) group conversations intended to open up the floor and offer a safe space for IHS students to share their personal narratives. Through music, dance, and storytelling, the ensemble brings to light the struggles of immigrant youth: personal and societal constructs of racism and the imposed double standard of being an “alien” while being expected to fit and achieve the “American Dream.” It is a journey towards self-awareness and acceptance of their complex unique and beautiful intersectional identities.