Saanya Hasan Ali

ALI_SAANYA_HASSAN_5Saanya Ali is a junior at Gallatin concentrating in mixed media storytelling, with a focus in human rights and film. Born in Switzerland, raised by South Asian parents in Washington, DC, and now living in New York, Saanya’s work looks at immigration, expatriation, her own identification as a “third culture kid.” Her published work centers around the themes of cultural confusion and finding home. Her photography gravitates towards portraiture and the stories told in the human face. She also works as a production designer on various visual projects ranging from short films to music videos.
In Their Words
Who are the people that we call “refugees,” really? What are the stories behind the statistics? “In Their Words” aims to give a voice to the voiceless. In January, I traveled to the refugee camps in Greece where I met with individuals and families who had been forced to flee their homes to save their lives. That experience, together with the tense atmosphere brought about by the recent US ban on refugees, has inspired me to try to bring to light some of the personal stories of the many affected by the international crisis. This work is in three parts: portraits taken at the camps; life jackets with excerpts from interviews; and an immersive installation with projected footage.