Rogue Fong

FONG_ROGUE_1Rogue Fong is an artist, writer, and designer concentrating in Architecting Virtual Space and Meaningful Interaction. With a background in computer science, fine art, narrative and game design, Rogue has discovered the power of virtual reality to reimagine and architect space to better facilitate human movement, communication, and interaction. In her four years at Gallatin she has travelled extensively, both for study and work, and has spent countless hours introducing, mentoring, and inspiring young women in tech. She is a self-described desert child from Phoenix, Arizona, where she spent all her free time dreaming about rain, teaching herself foreign languages, and writing science fiction stories. Her current obsession is how to creatively join hardware and software.

“Dollhouse” is an exploration in environmental storytelling through virtual reality and physical computing. It is a two part project: a physical dollhouse, and a virtual dollhouse. The concept for “Dollhouse” arose from an effort to combine architecture with narrative and interactivity. By translating human interaction with the virtual dollhouse to reactions in the physical dollhouse, viewers are encouraged to observe the person exploring the virtual dollhouse and also to tease out their own narrative from the abstracted physical dollhouse. “Dollhouse” plays with the quirk that allows only a person in a VR headset to see or experience what’s going on in a virtual space. The physical aspect of the piece is thus meant to be a complementary experience and not to shadow or be shadowed by the virtual one.