Peter Winne

WINNIE_PETER_1Peter Winne grew up in Hartford, Connecticut, where he sang in town choirs and played guitar in a garage band. After college, he spent eight years scraping together a living playing music on street corners and stages in the US and Europe. In 2014, his band Tumbling Bones was invited to perform, teach, and collaborate with local musicians on a State Department-funded tour of five Eastern European countries. Burnt out on the tour ing-musician lifestyle, Pete washed up on the shores of Gallatin in 2015, which has afforded him the unique opportunity of being able to pursue music scholarship while still continuing to practice his art. His master’s thesis traces the history of a few key American spirituals, the findings of which will be presented in an audio documentary due for release this summer.

American Sounds, Old And New
Sometimes I wonder if I was born in the wrong decade and live in the wrong place. Most of my heroes and mentors were born in the first half of the last century and hail from the hills of southern Appalachia or from the sweltering plains of the cotton belt. Will a banjo-picker ever again cry as high and lonesome as bluegrass forefather Ralph Stanley? Will a soul-singer ever pour as much sorrow into a song as Otis Redding did into a single note? I believe it futile to attempt to replicate the 20th century masters. Instead, drawing on 21st century sounds and experience, I try to reach for the emotional truths they so poignantly captured. I play old songs and write new ones. My tools are the guitar, the banjo, hard-soled shoes, and most of all, the human voice.