STEIN_MEREDITH_1 MuddaGoose (AKA Meredith Stein) is a rapper and visual artist from Chicago, Illinois. While in Chicago, she was engulfed in a vibrant hip-hop and poetry open mic scene where she saw the power of hip-hop and community firsthand. MuddaGoose uses portraiture to capture snapshots of the people of hip-hop culture. While photographs can be taken quickly, drawing a portrait allows Goose to take time and really explore a moment, capturing the magic through her process. Goose is a junior at Gallatin concentrating in creative marketing and studio art. She hopes to one day make album art and merchandise for musical artists.

Portraits: It is critical to understand the tension that exists between black culture and the rest of the world and where room exists for people to appropriate black culture without fully understanding significance behind it. Coming from an environment where I was exposed to that culture and welcomed into it, I came to understand the significance of representation. I have taken those experiences and use my art to explore that culture and give respect where it is due. In the show, you will see several large-scale screen prints of some of my original portraits of people that I encountered in the dynamic hip-hop scene.