Mollie Charlotte Suss

SUSS_MOLLIE_1Mollie Charlotte Suss is a junior at Gallatin studying the intersection of mathematics and design, with a special focus on typography. She was trained as a classical oil painter, working mostly with landscapes and still lifes. In high school, she grew tired of the rigidity of this style and began working digitally. Although her professional life deals mostly in this digital realm, she still uses acrylic, watercolor, and other physical disciplines in her personal work. Her wide range of artistic training gives her an interesting perspective on visual composition and aesthetics which she hopes to continue experimenting with during her final year at Gallatin.

After the 2016 election, I noticed a deep sense of despair within myself and my friends. Although I felt united with my peers in this emotional time, I noticed that this union lacked action; it was rooted more in empty solidarity than in an ability to organize. I started brainstorming about how I could tackle this emptiness, focusing specifically on the femme and queer communities. I decided to take America’s main symbol of unity—the flag—and reconstruct it in a way that supported and elevated the voices of those most threatened by the new administration. I asked my friends to contribute, giving each person a 3×3 inch square to design as a part of our new, united flag. I hope that the new flag will take on a new personalized identity, something that the current flag lacks.