Michael Frazier

FRAZIER_MICHAEL_1Michael Frazier is a senior at Gallatin studying Literary Arts and Black Narratives. As a part of the collective Radical Writers of Color, he promotes writing spaces for students of color. He’s a member of NYU’s 2017 slam team, and a poetry managing editor for the Gallatin Review. He was recently invited to participate in the Callaloo Writing Workshop in Barbados this summer. Michael interrogates race, faith, gender roles, and family in his writing. His IG bio reads: Christ, Poetry, and Anime!

Looking Home in the Mouth
I am obsessed with home, with family. How are we the culmination of everything that has ever happened to us? Was shown to us? Was concealed? And so forth. I am most interested in how lessons—implicit and explicit—are passed down from generation to generation. What was the landscape of your childhood? Mine included Digimon on Saturday mornings, Lemony Snicket books, McFish sandwiches, trampoline-jumping in the rain with my brother, missed layups, binders of poetry, my father’s guns scattered throughout the house like decor. “Looking Home in the Mouth” is an interconnected poetry performance where I retrospectively witness the moments of my childhood that have shaped me. How do social constructs like race, gender, sexuality, and faith intrude the family landscape? What power lies in witnessing, in naming, that which had no name at the time?