Maxwell Thoeny

THEONY_MAX_1Multi-disciplinary designer Maxwell Thoeny is interested in creating holistic human experiences through design that address individual alienation and the current environmental crisis. He examines how innovative business models can bring about effective change for human and non-human life. His design practice embraces an iterative prototyping process that explores the historical and contemporary intersections of craft and industrialization. Maxwell utilizes digital techniques like parametric modeling and 3D printing in conjunction with traditional drawing and making. Through his work, he hopes to highlight an individual’s power to change their environments, whether they be physical, digital, social, or natural. From Santa Monica, California, he is a senior at Gallatin concentrating in multi-scalar design and entrepreneurship.

The Apertus Project
“The Apertus Project” looks to address the pervasive culture of disposability in consumer
products and to reconnect owners to their possessions through the act of design, building, and repair. The project reconciles the speed, accessibility, and low price of mass-manufactured goods with the customizability, quality, and connection to making that is achieved by building your own furniture. “Apertus” consists of a series of modular 3D printed joints that connect wooden panels to create furniture and objects for the home. The designs are open source and free to all. With a trip the hardware store for some
simple pieces of cut lumber and access to a consumer-grade 3D printer, anyone can download, print, and assemble furniture with no tools in a day’s time. Rather than pre-fab, “Apertus”promotes now-fab.