Matías Alvial

ALVIAL_MATIAS_3Matías Alvial is a first-year international student, originally from Chile, who is concentrating in the artistic and commercial aspects of marketing. His studies focus on the relationship between creativity and money and how artists thrive in a capitalistic society. Throughout his artistic life, Matías has explored diverse media and techniques, such as photography, ceramics, and printmaking. However, his preferred media are acrylic paint and pen and ink. His work is characterized by the use of vibrant hues and surrealist elements and, more often than not, by the depiction of jellyfish. These characteristics emulate the eccentricity of his creative and curious mind.

Society’s Conundrum
Because art has the power to prompt social change, I believe artists should expose and communicate the rawness of society as a whole; artists are, in a way, the “visual muckrakers” of the twenty-first century. In my conceptual work, I comment on some of society’s flaws. I mainly criticize the human need to exist as an online persona to achieve a sense of belonging in the real world. Dependency on hyper-connectivity has deprived us—as a species—of the ability to connect to the natural world and thus achieve happiness. I use my work as a warning of the results of conforming to the status quo.