Luqi Howard Zheng

ZHENG_LUQI_1Howard Luqi Zheng is originally from Shenzhen, China. He is a first year at Gallatin where he is pursuing his passions in philosophy and social science. He gains his inspirations from conceptual art and the ways that it uses the arts as a visual means to express philosophy. For Howard, the goal of art is to evoke a common experience among onlookers. His approach to arts has no rules. What matters is how audiences define them. Howard looks forward to seeing how his concentration in philosophy will integrate with his art.
Art On Art
Art On Art is a photography series that aims to view art pieces from different perspectives. Art, to me, serves only two purposes: to reflect one’s ideal self or to explore one’s true self. An artwork is not owned by its creator once it is created. It is owned by all onlookers. Every one of them contributes a verse to it, adding their own interpretation, feelings, and even colors. Seeing the same picture from different perspectives and angles will create something much more than what it originally contained. Like philosophy, art is a bout defining and perspectives. Photography, in a way, is the best medium for me to define things with different perspectives. I started to take photos in museums of visitor reflections to create an art-on-art relationship through multimedia installation rather than live performance. Viewers are meant to experience the piece in only the company of themselves.