Lili Dekker

DEKKER_LILLI_2Lili Dekker is a junior at Gallatin pursuing a concentration in experimental and documentary film alongside a minor in German. Although her parents are Dutch, she was born and raised in Hong Kong, where she attended a German international school. Her experiences growing up in a multicultural environment have made their mark, so she continues to lack a sense of national and/or cultural identity. She assumes this condition manifests itself within her works, which feature a lot of contemplative walking. She loves to observe people and enjoys that the camera gives her the ability to entertain her fascination with the way that people are, long after they have left. Outside film, Lili’s interests include learning languages, perusing Craigslist’s “free” page, and judging the architectural potential of the apartment buildings she passes by.

Een Wandelingetje
“Een Wandelingetje” (Dutch: “A Walk”) is a video work that documents the artist’s grandparents on a daily walk near their home in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. In a one-take handheld recording, the video contemplates life and death and the differing generational perspectives that exist between the artist, who manages the camera, and her grandparents, who walk ahead. “Een wandelingetje” comes to present much more than a daily walk and addresses themes relevant to all audiences, young and old.