Leah Lavigne and Nisa Neza

LAVIGNE_LEAH_NISA_NEZALeah Lavigne (pictured right) is a musician, artist, and writer from Detroit, Michigan. She is a junior at Gallatin, concentrating in Creation, Curation, and Community Engagement in Music and Art. While she has performed primarily as an acoustic pop singer/songwriter for the past six years, she has recently redirected her energy towards collaborative work. Her indie pop band, Lackadaisy, is in its early stages of development, and she has begun collaborating on multimedia and performance art pieces. Her identity as a biracial woman has greatly influenced her life and work. In her art, she grapples with outward appearance versus inward composition, as well as concepts of self and identity. She is interested in how art can make the intrapersonal interpersonal as well as art’s potential to facilitate connections and break down boundaries. 

Nisa Neza (pictured left) is a filmmaker who has lived in the Bronx and New Jersey. Her family is Albanian and much of her work is informed by Eastern European history, topography, and superstition. She is also interested in exploring the intricacies and nuances of womanhood and human intimacy and vulnerability.

“Darkness” began as a story, a free-verse poem. It grew into an interactive, multimedia piece consisting of musical soundscape, video, and structured display with the intent to replicate my state of mind during the piece’s conception. How do you facilitate the viewer/listener to not witness but to experience a piece? Marina Abramović creates performance art that explores the relationship between performer and audience. “Darkness” experiments with this.