Kylie McManus

MCMANUS_KYLIE_3Kylie McManus is a sophomore from Los Angeles. Her concentration is still undeclared, though she primarily studies art, design, and new media. She is exploring many other fields such as psychology, music, computer science, and architecture. Her visual work mostly features organic forms, especially women. From her heavily matriarchal upbringing, Kylie has become very interested in the roles and portrayals of women in American culture, and how it differs from her own perspective.

 Women in Bloom
“Women in Bloom” is an ongoing work which attempts to counter the ways in which mainstream media portrays women as two-dimensional or stereotypical. Through multiple different portrayals of women who are multifaceted, complex, and hard to define, it seeks to create imagery that is more accessible to all women. The use of different materials aids in this exploration process and furthers the multifaceted narrative. As is it an ongoing piece, it will continue to include more underrepresented identities as time goes on.