Jessica Salomon

SALOMON_JESSICA_2Jessica Salomon is a dancer, writer, and choreographer from Houston, Texas. She is a senior at Gallatin, studying the different ways in which narrative can be manifest through word and movement. Her choreographic work often combines fiction, poetry, video, music, and movement to explore the creation or destruction of a singular narrative thread. She has studied dance for 18 years and also has trained as an acrobat. Jessica currently serves as one of the co-presidents for Gallatin’s Dancers/Choreographers Alliance and is thrilled to be returning to Gallatin Arts Festival this year.
There’s a quote in the piece that says it all: “I’m going to say the alphabet and I’ll let you put the words together.”At its heart, the piece is about interpretation. There’s no story—only some building blocks from which the audience can assemble meaning. What happens in the piece is a microcosm, an example what happens every day in real life. We are given the pieces and we create the story.