Jalen Jackson

JACKSON_JALEN_3Jalen Jackson is a junior at Gallatin who hails from the south side of Chicago. He is studying—in theory—the idea and practice of storytelling with a primary focus on film, pop culture, and cultural identity and how they are intertwined. Jalen likes stories and telling stories and how they affect how people are and how the world is. He first began creating stories at a young age when he used to draw characters from his favorite television shows, cut them out, and created his own narratives. Since then, he has expanded his craft to express stories through various mediums such as film, graphic design, writing, illustration, and other media. He feels that each story requires a specific medium depending on the specific way it is to be told. 

With “Submerged,” I wanted to tell a natural story in an unnatural way. Everybody knows what it’s like to be in a relationship that rises and falls, so I wanted to put a new perspective on something we all can connect to. I found it weird that stories were mainly told from one view and one type of person so I guess I want to make stories so everyone can see themselves inside them. By making the perspective from a pet fish’s eye, you gain both intimacy and distance. As a viewer, you are a part of this relationship but you watch it unfold. You are not interacting with the narrative nor looking at things from one of the spouse’s points of view; you’re just seeing what’s happening, plain and simple.