Isabel Damberg

DAMBERG_ISABEL_4Isabel Damberg is a sophomore in Gallatin with a concentration in Art, Film, and Photography. Originally from Cupertino, California, Isabel grew up immersed in creative practices, surrounded by a family dedicated to all forms of art. Since her first photography class seven years ago, she was taken by all forms of digital art and began working with her DSLR camera and teaching herself the ins and outs of Adobe Photoshop. Previously, she was a visual designer and photographer; her most recent years at NYU have been dedicated to expanding her videography and cinematography skills. Still a recent novice to the practice, Isabel utilizes video art as a conceptual lens, communicating her emotions through the many facets of the medium.

 Five After Nine
The emotions portrayed in “Five After Nine” are reminiscent of percolated feelings that I had suppressed over the past two years. My video explores the ways physical distance jeopardizes intimate closeness. The basis of the piece compares the distance between both California and New York, proving a parallel to the ways emotional distances grew between myself and my parents upon my move from California to New York. My piece portrays such distances in contrasting visual and audio components—quiet California versus bustling New York. However, the much more emotional distances are especially apparent in the audio of the video, formulated from bits and pieces of the voicemails my parents left in the first few months I was away. These missed calls not only represent missed conversations but the toll on intimacy that distance can have on a relationship.