Graham Litten

LITTEN_GRAHAM_1Graham Litten is a second-year filmmaker and writer at Gallatin studying film production and Internet media distribution. Growing up in Moorestown, New Jersey, he formed the sketch comedy group Wow, Great Doughnuts, Pal, who were featured in The People’s Improv Theater 2016 Sketchfest. After writing and directing sketches for YouTube, Graham is now creating short films with influences across multiple genres such as Monty Python,, the Coen Brothers, and Samuel Beckett.

“Afterlife” was written by Graham in 2014 as a feature-length script. The short film, adapted from this script, showcases two scenes from the film: the first scene and final scene. The inspiration for the piece comes from the dark comedy of Louie and the absurdist writings of Samuel Beckett. In 2016, the adapted short screenplay was shot in Manhattan