Georgina Hahn

HAHN_GEORGINA_1Georgina Hahn grew up between suburban US and Hungary. While she has spent most of her time in the States, living in New York, Detroit, and Boston, she was born in Johannesburg, South Africa. Her affinity for new people developed with each move, sparking a deep curiosity for other people’s language, habits, and interests. Her own interest is in interrupting these normalcies through design, art, and human interaction. At Gallatin, she studies the Experience of Media–how objects, images, cities, and sounds tell stories and shape new narratives. How or why we interact with a person, place, or thing informs our beliefs and ideas about the world. Through her work, Georgina hopes to redirect or challenge conventional truths and attributes that are considered universal.

“. . .” is a video projection on glass. The piece was made as part of an Urban Glass Project class open to Gallatin and Steinhardt students. The glass materializes a traditionally digital form in order to direct attention to the medium of our correspondences. The projection reflects a frustration with modern communication and its lack of agency.

If You’re Seeing This, I Love You
“If You’re Seeing This I Love You” is a video made around the 2016 election. Originally published on social media, it attempts to add something positive to an overwhelmingly negative stream of content. A modern mise en abîme, the reversal recategorizes visual conventions and pop-music. The song, Drake’s “One Dance,” becomes oddly unfamiliar. The title conveys an appreciation and respect for the viewer, hoping to evoke humor and empathy.

Picture This
“Picture This” is a collaboration open to all it encounters. The piece sits in Gallatin and prompts individuals to draw their responses to ideas about individuality, academia, and the human experience. Somewhat a nod to the 14th Street Post-It Project, the piece attempts to form a visual community.