Fiona Gorry-Hines

GORRY-HINES_FIONA_3Fiona Gorry-Hines is a Gallatin junior developing a concentration in Construction and Analysis of Dialogue. Her interdisciplinary approach to playwriting, theatre studies, and (dramatic) literature pursues discovery of what it means individually, socially, and artistically to be a contemporary writer. Fiona began writing plays for Beanie Baby casts beneath a kitchen table in Lexington, Massachusetts, and has since managed to get real people on stage to read her words out loud a few times. Most recently, her play Our House was developed and produced as Gallatin Theatre Troupe’s mainstage production. Her work explores how themes such as feminism, mental illness, family, space, and media influence manifest in everyday lives and relationships.

Do I Know You?
“Do I Know You?” is a performance-based deconstruction and exploration of the assumed processes of getting to know an individual via the exchange of personal information. Whether through games like Truth or Dare on playgrounds or secrets spilled during drunken escapades, we are taught that information bears relative weights and learn to value certain truths more highly than others. Through performance, we attempt to simulate some of these experiences to encourage audiences to look at them critically. How do we choose the most significant information to share about ourselves? Is it spontaneous or are there underlying orders and unspoken rules? What can we ask and what must we wait to be told? Do any of us really know each other at all?