Ebru Eltemur

ELTEMUR_EBRU_2Ebru Eltemur is a visual artist, designer, and activist from Istanbul, Turkey. She is currently a first-year student at Gallatin, concentrating on art history, curating, and arts administration, and minoring in studio art. Coming from both a Middle Eastern and European background, Ebru finds inspiration in the history and politics of her hometown. Her work usually focuses on issues of gender inequality, religious extremism, and radical politics. She hopes to inspire the younger generations, including her own, through her art and help them make their voices heard. Most of her pieces are illustrations, installations, and prints. Her hobbies include skating and drawing people on the subway. Aside from her studies, she is working on a streetwear label inspired by skate wear and Middle Eastern culture.

The Dictator’s Manifesto
This installation piece aims to create awareness on the modern fascist and conservative movements in global politics through the lens of Turkey, a country suffering from the everlasting political indifference of its citizens. The idea for the project was born a week after a terrorist attack on New Year’s Eve in Istanbul. After watching the news on the attack, I was intrigued by the similarity of the amount and content of the knowledge that the media provided and so started researching the various controlling mechanisms of the state. Thus, this piece explores the power and significance of words in politics and brings to attention the consequences of state-control and censorship in media. Overall, the work focuses on the abuse of power in contemporary Turkey and around the world in terms of conservatism and radical political movements.