Desiree Fernandes

FERNANDEZ_DESIREE_4Desiree Fernandes is a Cabo Verdean performer born in Providence, Rhode Island, and raised in Seekonk, Massachusetts. In addition to being featured in magazines, newspapers, TV shows, and NPR, she was interviewed by Kids Talk Radio on keeping Jazz alive in schools. As years of research and hard work continue, the recording of her highly anticipated CD is unfolding. Through the curatorial process, Desiree was compelled to tell the story of her rich culture and its complex origins. This led her to pursue a concentration in Musical Theatre, African Studies, and Postcolonial Cultural Identity as a graduate student at Gallatin. Desiree holds a BA in Theatre, Linguistics, and Psychology from Northeastern University and is a vocal student of Harolyn Blackwell.

Projecto Calabedotche
On the journey, our roots anchor us to the past, present, and future. Through the power of resilience and survival, and despite a history of deprivation and horrors found in the silence of untold stories and skewed narratives, we persevere. Our routes become the memories within our quilt. This journey draws upon my experiences as a first-generation Cabo Verdean born in America. It feeds from the journeys before me: what it means to leave home, to belong, and to “find out.” It is about postcolonial voices navigating a complicated history of colonial inheritance. I hope to give these memories a voice through this performance of various cultural collectives that paint the picture of a historical commonality. These are the moments that defined my cultural identity. These are the memories that have marked generations. This is my musical tapestry.