Daniels Mekšs

MEKSS_DANIEL_1Daniels Mekšs, a junior, is interested in philosophy—as an aid, a tool for everyday living, spirituality, as an attitude, as well as a practice of being and acting in the world in a certain way (less I, more experience), and as art. Philosophy can be a vehicle for expanding one’s imagination, appreciating other cultures, cultivating emotional intelligence, and, last but not least, celebrating life and our time in this world together. His concentration explores how the three (or two or just one)—either actively practiced, studied, or simply appreciated and kept nearby—can help to live the “good life.” Daniels comes from Latvia and started taking pictures some six years ago.

Blossoming Dust (2016)

Blossoming Dust (2016)—a confluence between photographs—taken during study years in Latvia, United States and Italy—and a text, is my third and latest photography project. It is an audiovisual reflection of the journey traveled so far and the lessons learned along the way; and it is an attempt to figure out how to move forward. While drawing from personal experience, the themes I explore—growing up, learning how to navigate this world, realizing things don’t always happen the way you want them to, accepting one’s life path—are universal, and it was my hope, while creating the project, that others would recognize themselves, in text as well as in images.