Daniel McElroy

MCELROY_DANIEL_1A fourth-year student at Gallatin, Daniel McElroy graduates this spring with a concentration in Theatre for a Globalizing World, which seeks to generate meaningful conversation about postcolonial narratives, migration, and identity politics onstage. Originally from San Francisco, Daniel has spent the past several years immersing himself in the international theatre and NGO communities in London, Madrid, and New York. Daniel’s research-based process has been bolstered in the past year by an internship with Human Rights First, and a funded summer research project, two experiences which have served to locate the emotionally charged stories he is dramatizing in a wider sociopolitical context. His artistic work has been seen at Gallatin in several past projects, including Antigone (Haimon), Babel (Director), and After Orlando (Director).   

Antigona, Immigrante
“Antígona, Immigrante” is the result of over a year of on-the-ground research, during which the artist worked with Central American asylum seekers in New York and visited humanitarian and legal aid organizations across the Southwest. In a political moment defined by destructive deportations and a grossly oversimplified national conversation about immigration, this piece dramatizes the experiences of three women compelled by the danger of their home countries to risk coming to the United States. Based loosely on Sophocles’s Antigone, the play oscillates between the stark isolation induced by the act of border-crossing and the frenetic lives of the characters before and after their immigrant experience, showing the women to be much more—heroic figures intent on protecting their families no matter the cost—than our mainstream media would suggest.