Daniel Jacob

JACOB_DANIELDaniel Jacob is a senior at Gallatin studying Narratives as Oppression and Resistance—the power of story and critical pedagogy. He’s performed in various settings, played as reception entertainment for the Sugar Hill Gang, and has used both spoken word and song to write for non-profit organizations and spread the vibes in NYC.

What Do We Tell the Kids?
Joseph Campbell has a great line in his book The Power of Myth. Essentially, he explains that people aren’t necessarily finding “the meaning of life,” but instead are trying to understand the experience of what it means to be alive. This art, for me, has been about trying to communicating my experience of being alive. “What Do We Tell The Kids?” is a single piece from a larger whole, which is being put out later in the spring, called “Fallin.” The project as a whole tries to encapsulate the experiences of this last year—from losing a dear friend to finding solace in strangers through the writing. This will be my first project in a while as a singer/songwriter and I am grateful to be surrounded by wonderful folks who’ve helped me through this effort.