Chloe Troast

TROAST_CHLOE_2Chloe Troast is a sophomore studying theatre, music, and dance as well as Middle Eastern Studies. Her concentration explores the concepts of expression and oppression and the creation of art through a global and historical lens. Chloe combines these subjects stems from avested interest in storytelling as a form of catharsis and social action. She is part of the the Gallatin Theatre Troupe, Gallatin Dancers/Choreographers Alliance, Tisch New Theatre, Dangerbox improv, and is the president and co-host of the NYC Student Improv Jam. Chloe has had the opportunity of performing in venues such as Lincoln Center, The Skirball Center of the Performing Arts, NJPAC, The Whitney Museum, and Madison Square Garden and is thrilled to be presenting at the Gallatin Arts Festival!

“Khorramshahr” is an exploration into the photographic preservation of culture within war.Chloe’s late grandfather, Harry W. Walberg, served in the Persian Gulf Command in Khorramshahr, Iran, from 1944-45 during the World War II. As a curious, 19-year-old soldier and self-taught photographer, Harry set out on a mission to capture images of his time in Khorramshahr through the lens of his Six-16 Kodak. Unlike many photographic depictions of foreign war, Harry successfully harnessed the motion and humanity of the people he met abroad. This exhibition is the first public display of these restored photos, along with letters, interviews, and historical context from this little-known operation. This project intends to showcase the communities that lived amongst US infiltration of Iran during WWII.