Chloe Grey Smith

SMITH_CHLOE_16Chloe Grey Smith is a senior at Gallatin concentrating in studio art and urban spatial studies. Her work informs people about histories, relationships, and ecologies of place through visual art, art education, and mapmaking. Hailing from the beaches of South Florida and coming of age in New York City, Chloe became interested in using art to encourage activism and create more liveable and just urban spaces, particularly in the face of the global threat of climate change that could erase her home within her lifetime. As a researcher and art teacher, she is committed to uplifting marginalized histories, highlighting diverse experiences and abilities, and revealing radical lifeways. Her artwork is a form of socio-spatial portraiture that weaves personal memories, historical research, and spatial visualization together to bring vulnerable people and places into sight.
All I Want Is Some Kind Of Grace
Sex, God, and Dollar Pizza
The impetus for both the pieces on view at GAF this year was my desire to connect the queer history of my neighborhood, the East Village, with the queer community here in the present.Both pieces are multilayered and brightly colored, inviting closer investigation. In
“All I Want Is Some Kind Of Grace,” quotes from East Village artist/AIDS activist David Wojnarowicz are interwoven with patterns and drawings on reflective and transparent plastic, creating a portrait not only of people, but of feelings and moments. In “Sex, God, and Dollar Pizza,” a hand-painted map of the East Village is collaged with religious pamphlets, found objects, drawings, and the names of present friends and historical figures. Both pieces draw from the forms of cultural history, diary and memoir, and mapmaking to create a new expression of “personal space.”