Celine Sutter

SUTTER_CELINE_1Celine Sutter is a filmmaker and visual artist who was born and raised in New York City. She is interested in storytelling and environmental justice. Her interests at Gallatin are a combination of film production, environmental sociology, and sociology. She is fascinated by the way in which we tell stories and how captivating these stories can be. The intersection between science, society, and art is one that holds a great capacity for change and creative exploration. Storytelling is an incredibly effective and engaging way to bring attention and change to social and political issues. As a junior at Gallatin, Celine is excited for upcoming projects and to delve deeper into her studies in her senior year! She also thinks it’s pretty funny to talk about herself in the third person.

Got My Girl
In “Got My Girl,” I am exploring the different ideas of what it means to be a “young woman.” I chose to portray two characters on the edges of the age range. Each woman sees herself differently, the younger one believes she is older, while the older one perceives herself as younger. I am delving into the aftermath of trauma and the ways in which it can linger. The current media’s representation of sexual assault and rape is one that does damage. It is a token storyline and it gets ratings. But these events are never black and white, they are all different variations of grey. A trauma like sexual assault can last any amount of time. It can be convoluted, confusing, and it can affect the way one sees oneself. The two young women in the film attempt to help each other evolve and to get a
grasp on what it means to move forward.