Bridget Linsenmeyer

LINSENMEYER_BRIDGET_1Bridget Linsenmeyer is a singer/songwriter, actor, and voice teacher from Baltimore, Maryland. She holds a Bachelor of Science in Vocal Music Education from Towson University and is in her final semester at Gallatin where she is working toward an MA, studying Women in Music and Social Change. In the fulfillment of her thesis, Bridget is writing and recording her first original album with her band, Heroine, for which she writes pop music and aims to present an artist image based around female empowerment. She believes in the urgency of an outlet for women to share their stories, as well as to hear the stories of other women, and she proposes music as an effective avenue for self-expression and storytelling.

Heroine Songs
I find the art which most effectively inspires social impact is created without assumption of full consciousness about the way that all human beings (in this case, women) may experience different issues. That level of empathy is impossible, considering the only perspective one is ever able to truthfully analyze and present is your own. Rather than attempt to speak for other women, I aim to use music and lyric writing as a way to pose questions and point to social issues that I believe deserve further attention. My intent is to spread awareness and acknowledge the existence of issues such as gender and racial inequality by writing songs based on both reactions and interactions in my life as a woman in America.