Radhika Rajkumar

RAJKUMAR_RADHIKA_4Radhika Rajkumar is a junior studying the way media interacts with social justice; she is focusing on human rights, gender and sexuality studies, and globalization. Her concentration asks whether new media can create justice in the gaps left by colonized infrastructures. As a journalist, graphic designer, and visual artist, Radhika’s work aims to carve out space for queerness, femininity, and the emotional, drawing on the body as a medium.

 Pluck Yourself
“Pluck Yourself” takes on the construct of virginity through a queer feminist lens, critiquing its projection of sexual worth and morality onto the female body. Through her expression of autoeroticism, the subject takes her own mythic virginity, rewriting the societal expectation that she can be “plucked” by a second, assumed-masculine figure. She validates her self-love as sexual experience. The piece is an exercise in female body pleasure, sexual independence, sex positivity, femme supremacy, and femme pride.