Ben Searles

SEARLES_BEN_1Ben Searles is a Gallatin junior from Atlanta, Georgia, concentrating in visual storytelling. Ben has long been intrigued by an image’s ability to surprise and arrest the viewer and he tries to use this effect in his pursuit of making striking still and moving visuals. Ben is also an avid music listener and while he is for the most part lacking in songwriting ability, he still attempts to contribute to the form by providing supplementary images in the form of music videos, which are his current focus. He attempts to create stylized, cinematic worlds in which the songs can exist and works closely with cinematographers, production designers, and other writers to do so. He is also a photographer and designer.
Don’t Break Down The Door I’m Still Inside
Don’t Break Down The Door I’m Still Inside: My goal for this project was to make a
unique music video—one that was more compelling and cinematic than the typical artist- singing-into-the-camera template. I worked hard with the musician and with my team to make this project meaningful and personal yet open-ended enough to be interpreted in different ways by the audience. Above all, I wanted to create something that was consistently engaging and exciting to watch. This is the biggest and most planned-
out project I have ever been in charge of.