Ankita Sethi

SETHI_ANKITA_1A first year at Gallatin, Ankita Sethi’s concentration is a bit of everything. Born in Amritsar, India, Ankita partakes in coding, acting, painting, and the principle of uncertainty. She is fascinated by the ability of actors to understand a character that is not them and to feel an emotion possibly never felt in that manner before. If more people could do that, they might actually understand and even empathize with one another and maybe, maybe there would be no wars or Trumps. She has had an interesting journey in religion from wanting to be christened as a nun to realizing the lack of necessity of religion in her life.While her interest in coding was sparked by a tangible problem-solving approach taken by a teacher, she wants to use it to pose questions, educate, and attempt to resolve more intangible questions.
Grappling with questions pertaining to nothing and everything in my interdisciplinary seminar, I applied them in a space that was personal to me, religion. I like candy, poems, and machines, in that order. The philosophies of life subscribed by religion and religious communities can be purposeful. However, using religious text as a code of conduct, to discriminate and/or shield, can and has had adverse effects on both individuals and communities. This installation is centered on the erstwhile practice of selling indulgences to the guilty. An intimate reflection area invites participants to type confessions into a keyboard. Breeding acceptance instead of guilt, an algorithm offers back a Dadaist poem that sheds light on the significance of the confession, relative or absolute. Finally, in lieu of a ticket to heaven, vegan candy is dispensed.