Andrea de Varona

DEVARONA_ANDREA_2Andrea de Varona is originally from Miami, Florida. She is a Gallatin junior concentrating in exploring the self and the other through sonic and written expression. Andrea is a first-generation Cuban-American; growing up in a Spanglish speaking household has heavily influenced her perception of art and creativity. Her musical style attempts to marry her Latin background with her heavily Americanized world view in a seamless fashion. The Cuban/Spanish elements that flow through her work are not always explicit but play an important role in informing it. The same could be said of her persona. So while her lyrics are primarily in English, you can look forward to the tasteful implementation of Cuban colloquialism or musical element here and there.

To the Slow of the New Day
When I was about fifteen years old, I started writing lyrical poems and short stories. When I started college, I picked up guitar in order to add music to my words. My desire to release an EP has grown over the past couple of years and I have finally found myself in the right place to achieve this goal. The music I have been creating thus far tackles distinct emotional states of being that I have experienced throughout a variety of life-changing events. I think my exploration of these states of self point toward the ways in which art can enable us to learn more about ourselves, our world, and our place in it. The majority of the issues that I confront in this project illustrate my internal as well as external struggles as a twenty-year-old female who is constantly looking for ways to feel a little less anxious and out of place.