Allison Blakeney

BLAKENEY_ALLISON_4Allison Blakeney is a dancer, performance artist, activist, and writer based in New York City. She has trained in, performed, and taught dance for over 20 years in Colorado, Los Angeles, and now New York. As a dancer and performance artist, Allison’s current work explores ghosts and hauntings. She is interested in how systems of violence construct categories to keep us separate and servile and how the ghosts of these systems come back to haunt us. Her work involves diving deep into these seemingly foreclosed categories to create friction and find connection through flesh. She is currently pursuing an MA in Critical Dance and Queer Studies at Gallatin.

Corporeal Incorporations
This piece is a collage performance that weaves dance with submissions of other artworks like poetry, videos, and audio. It entangles us between, through, and around one another to insist on the corporeal experience of being in life without wanting the world. In the piece, we acknowledge that our flesh is inextricably linked to others; through this, we manifest the kind of world we imagine/create/experience otherwise. This world was not made for so many of us. How can we escape the cycles of violence that we are in—and have been in—for so long? How can we cut through these cycles and recognize we are already bound to each other across boundaries through the very flesh that makes up this bag of bones and blood we call “self?”