Alex Ling

LING_ALEX_2Alex Ling is a junior studying art, design, and visual narrative with a minor in the business of entertainment, media, and technology. Influenced by her art history background and a long-time passion for illustration, Alex explores methods of storytelling through both cultural and aesthetic perspectives. In her free time, she makes comics and designs websites.

Amidst the past year of great grief and great transformation, ”Cozy” seeks to create a shield between visitors and their surroundings to contemplate stresses and heal. While spending last semester in Shanghai, I learned how the meditative focus necessary for calligraphy creates a kind of barrier between the artist and the outside world. In a sense, this separation reflects the importance of concentrating on tending to the self. Not only does calligraphy embody a form of healing but by calligraphing poems by Taiwanese writer Hsiä Yu onto large cloths with which viewers can hold, embrace, and wrap around themselves, the work represents a means of protection. Ultimately, “Cozy” reflects the transition from grief to healing and welcomes visitors to participate in the process.