Alex Bollington

BOLLINGTON_ALEX_2Alex Bollington is a sophomore at Gallatin studying environmental photography with an emphasis on climate change and sustainability. He hails from England, but spent most of his childhood growing up in New Jersey and Hong Kong. Alex credits his interest in the environment and the way we look at it due to the countless number of environmental documentaries he watched as a kid. His passion for photography emerged during his senior year of high school and since then, Alex has been on a journey to showcase life in a unique and refreshing way. Alex loves to edit and manipulate photos in hopes of challenging the mundane and forcing the audience to think.

Lost in the Light
Most of what we see in life is thought to be mundane. Our eyes don’t offer us customization when it comes to what we can visualize. What if there was a chance to view something from an entirely different perspective that challenged the traditional? “Lost in the Light” is a series that explores the idea of manipulation. Inspired by the lack of creativity seen in Instagram posts from a popular art attraction, I chose to switch things around and create something out of nothing. Rather than have the model be the focus point, I put the emphasis on the lights and engulf the model with them. The silhouette that forms around the model creates a unique illusion that provides the viewer with a fresh and exciting image.