Alee Bloom

BLOOM_ALEXANDRA_1Alee Bloom is a senior at Gallatin concentrating in illustration and animation. Her art delves into the relationships between society and the self and the creation of the Other. Through digital and material art mediums, Alee has explored concepts of memory, grief, and dissociation. Across all mediums, she hopes to create a space of empathy for herself and others where wordless emotion and experience can flourish, be felt, and healed. Her ongoing work focuses on the interwoven natures of the queer experience, unpacking of childhood trauma, innocence, and naïveté.

Little Traumas
“Little Traumas” is a sculptural performance piece in which a black trash bag suspended above the ground is incrementally torn open each day. Out of it spill items of childhood nostalgia. A lost sock, stuffed animal, or photograph might not seem to be impactful in the present, but after a while, each item is imbued with meaning and memories. Oftentimes, these items become receipts: reminders of naïveté that can never be brought back, or red flags that couldn’t be seen through rose-colored glasses. In times of hardship, we often focus on our Big Trauma, and forget to unpack the little pieces that make it heavy. “Little Traumas” encourages viewers acknowledge and validate their own traumas, whether big or small.