Abe Libman

LIBMAN_ABRAHAM_6Abe Libman is originally from Great Neck, New York, and now resides in the East Village. He completed his undergraduate studies at Gallatin where he minored in Studio Art and developed the concentration Expression and Human Constructs, which combined world languages with psychology, philosophy and religion. His colloquium was entitled “The Metaphysics of Self-Actualization: Living the ‘Good’ Life.” He works as a writing tutor, a preschool music teacher, and a TA for The Science of Happiness at NYU. For the MA program at Gallatin, Abe is developing the thesis Mindfulness and Meditation in Early Childhood Education. He enjoys exploring spirituality and the world.

City Mural and Other Urban Works
This series, entitled “City Mural and Other Urban Works” strays from many of the themes explored in last year’s GAF exhibit, “Trees of the World.” These paintings examine the interface between the natural world and the city. They pose questions about urbanization, collective consciousness, and habitation, among other topics.