Victoria Robichaud

Victoria_Robichaud_016Amesbury, Massachusetts native Victoria Robichaud is a senior at Gallatin studying dance, fashion, and psychology. She performed in NYU Steinhardt’s Masters Dance Concert this past fall and is co-president of NYU Gallatin’s Dancers/Choreographers Alliance. She interns at Danspace Project and recently presented her first clothing collection at the 2016 Gallatin Fashion Show.

The Visibility Project
is a dance and media installation/performance piece that explores the display of the female body in the worlds of fashion, performance, and everyday life. This two-part piece was devised in collaboration with Francesca Gallo (BA ’19), Alice Lambert (BA ’18), Jacqueline Ledesma (BA ’16), and Valerie Russell (BA ’16). It was originally inspired by the anxieties that are created by women’s everpresent visibility in digital culture and how this relates to femininity, unattainable ideals of beauty, and the concept of the “ideal self.” Constructed notions of perfection create a conversation between the actual and ideal self that is constantly being shaped by the gaze of others. Fashion and dance both turn the body into a spectacle to be looked at. Whether it is looking in a mirror or scrolling through our Facebook newsfeed, we look at the world with a set of expectations. What happens when we break them