Trio Z


Alice Lambert is a current sophomore at NYU Gallatin studying dance, literature, and anatomy. She is from Lyon, France and is on the E-board of Gallatin’s Dancers/Choreographers Alliance. Most recently, she was an understudy in Crystal Pite’s piece Polaris, performed at New York City Center, and performed in a new work entitled SHE, by Jinah Parker at New York Live Arts

Westchester, New York native Jacqueline Ledesma is a current senior at NYU Gallatin studying dance, management, and classic literature. She is co-president of Gallatin’s Dancers/Choreographers Alliance and also performed in NYU Steinhardt’s Masters Dance Concert this past fall. She has also recently performed in Heidi Latsky’s piece On Display and has taught workshops at The New School. She will be attending the masters program in Dance Education at NYU Steinhardt in the fall of 2016.

Amesbury, Massachusetts native Victoria Robichaud is a senior at Gallatin studying dance, fashion, and psychology. She is co-president of NYU Gallatin’s Dancers/Choreographers Alliance and also performed in NYU Steinhardt’s Masters Dance Concert this past fall. She currently interns at Danspace Project and recently presented her first clothing collection at the 2016 Gallatin Fashion Show in March.

A Dance Improv Installation: Another Look At the Commons in Relation to Three Same but Different Connected Bodies and Much More. . .
Trio Z focuses on dance improvisation and movement research with the goal of becoming fully present and aware of our connections to both our own and each other’s bodies. As young artists preparing to enter the performance world beyond graduation, we have discovered that we see everyday life, especially in New York City, as its own performance that demands a lot out of us each day. As it has become increasingly harder to be truly aware of our surroundings, we have found that dance is a way to combat this, specifically through improvisation and the acute attention that it requires to time and space. This immersive experience allows for relationships to be continually discovered. We are interested in questions such as: What is and is not a performance? How can the limits and expectations of a performance be tested? How can time be fully experienced?