Tammy Kremer

Tammy_Kremer_005Tammy Kremer is a Gallatin master’s student studying arts and peacebuilding. From the University of California, Berkeley, she received an interdisciplinary undergraduate degree in Gender, Bodies, and Space, with a minor in Dance and Performance Studies. She was a 2015 Gallatin Global Fellow in Human Rights, and is currently a Gallatin Newington-Cropsey Fellow. Her thesis project is a podcast series centered around curated love letters from Jewish anti-Zionists to a beloved Zionist in their life called “Love Letters to Zionists.” She is a director, grant writer, program/event manager, and educator.

is a short film and first episode in a web-series that knits Jemma’s path through the emotional issues that her binge eating drapes over. The film explores questions including: How do we decide whether we have failed or succeeded? How do our habits precipitate both freedom and control? Are these necessarily contradictory experiences? How are the most seemingly intimate moments enmeshed in a broader familial, cultural, and political space?