Smritaa Massey

Smritaa_Massey_007Smritaa E. Massey was born in Kolkata, India, and, after moving around a bit more, now lives in Dubai. She is in her junior year at Gallatin with the concentration Art and Technology, which explores the space in which art and technology intersect to create new forms of expression and experience. She uses fiction to examine how we construct and narrate our realities. Smritaa plays four instruments and dabbles in computer programming and 3D modelling. She practices traditional and digital art and is interested in how ideas transform when translated from one medium to another.

Space-Time, Are You Doing Fine?
String theory allows for an infinite landscape of possible universes. The word “landscape” always strikes me as artful and fantastical, so when it was time for me to decide what to create for a 3D modelling class, I decided to simulate a single moment of a landscape of another universe. Often, I find that there is a negative connotation to losing yourself in fantasy realms—that daydreaming somehow takes away from your experience of life. It is common in books that deal with virtual reality for the human population to be so enslaved by technology that they stop interacting with the real world. Many of the elements of the game are derived from nature—there is a forest and a large body of water—and this is a reminder that the environment around us is as fantastical as the environments born from our minds