Sophie Walker

Sophie_Walker_010Sophie Walker is an actor, storyteller, writer, and baker from New York City. She is a freshman at Gallatin concentrating in sociology and playwriting. She has performed at the United Nations, Culture Project, Sleep No More, the Apollo Theater in Harlem, the Fringe NYC, and the Women’s Missionary Conference in Dallas, Texas. She is a founding member of The Collective Sex, a collective of storytelling activists who believe that in a sex positive world talking about sex is intimate, connected, and should happen regularly. Sophie hopes to continue being involved in new play development, conversations about sex and banana bread.

Relative Sex
Throughout my life as a performer, I have been able to see tangible effects of storytelling and the role that it can play in bringing people together. These stories, in whatever medium they exist, have all been generated in the collaborative spaces and communities in which I have immersed myself. I feel honored by the process of collaboration and the coexisting vulnerability that is created in these spaces. My family is complicated and messy, with full siblings, half-siblings, step siblings, and various aunts and uncles who took up residency in my home. So I decided I wanted to see what my family has to say about sex and all that comes with it—the messy, complicated, and uncomfortable.