Sofia Szamosi

Sofia_Sadowitz_009Sofia Szamosi grew up admiring the gallery windows at NYU,where her mother taught gender studies. To be included in multiple Gallatin Arts Festivals is an honor and fulfillment of childhood ambitions. Sofia is a junior at Gallatin studying self-portraiture. She is currently writing and illustrating her first children’s book, and has shown in group and solo exhibits at Open Source Gallery, Superchief Gallery, and Proto Gallery in New York and the Center Galleries in Detroit.

TV & Popcorn, Storm and Tarred & Feathered
My work, which swings between intimate and public, sensual and grotesque, is my way of both processing and crafting my experiences and my self. Through my work I come to terms with personal, cultural, and familial mythologies and navigate the blessings and curses of being a body in this world. In my multimedia practice I explore and expose parts of myself that normally remain hidden—secrets, traumas, and inner yearnings—and in doing so, I transmute their powers. My conviction is that we are none of us as alone or confined as we might feel. My work is often about making messes and cleaning them up: pouring food all over myself and then washing it off, painting and collaging until the floor is littered with scraps and goo and then corralling it all into manageable forms. All of these ultimately mimic my inner process of searching for order in chaos and meaning in a meaningless world.