Rowan Spencer

Rowan_Spencer_044Rowan Spencer is a musician, writer, and mixed media artist who holds a BA in English from McGill University. Influenced heavily by a childhood spent in California and Ireland, much of his work explores the storytelling and “place-making” potential of music. Rowan has had sound art exhibited in the Pratt Manhattan Gallery as well as in GAF 2015. He also frequently DJs in New York City and recently sang on Toboggan’s Vouvoyer EP (Rare Beef Records, 2015).

A Time May Come
I am currently finishing the A Time May Come EP, recorded over the course of an independent study with Steinhardt professor Rebecca Feynberg in the fall of 2015. The music performed here comes from that EP and from my Gallatin thesis project—a full-length album and accompanying installation, both called Waterfront. These songs are made up of organs and synthesizers, looped and layered vocals, and many samples: of ice in a glass, of a dog collar, of a jazz record, or of my friend Jackson Devereux on guitar.