Raechel Bosch

Raechel_Bosch_012Raechel Bosch recently completed her master’s degree at Gallatin with a concentration in visual ethnography, documentary filmmaking, and memory studies. She is interested in non-linear methods for documentary making, and works in both fiction and nonfiction. Raechel views documentary filmmaking as an important tool for building community. Some of her most recent projects play with cross-generational family narratives. Originally from Fargo, North Dakota, she currently resides in New York City and works as a producer and an education programs administrator.

Town By the Water

Using traditional cinematic devices such as humor, lighting, and composition, Town by the Water is a documentary short film that uncovers meaning in the banality of everyday life. The film’s subjects, Paul and Issy Bosch, are a married couple in their 80s who have lived parallel lives. Born in Devils Lake, North Dakota, they are the children of Black Sea German immigrants, an ethnic minority of farmers who settled in the Dakotas after a series of migrations due to war and persecution. Eventually moving to Sebeka, Minnesota, Paul and Issy have adapted their agricultural practices for a life together in a rural small town. As their granddaughter, I film from the perspective of a generational divide, which no longer straddles both rural and urban cultures. Elevating the ordinary, the film uses minor actions such as eating and resting to tell a story about loyalty, devotion,

and identity.